Monday, 23 February 2015


So ........ I barely have any words for this! I can not believe this place has gone so long undetected by my radar. The Mill Market of Geelong !! Last weekend I was in Geelong for a water skiing competition when on Saturday afternoon with nothing to do Mum suggested oh why don't you go here, I think you'll like.... Oh my goodness, do I like it ? I love it ! So basically it is just a huge warehouse full of anything and everything you can imagine that is second hand. It is broken up into little sections and stalls which people can have anything in. I was only there for an hour and only just got around the clothing section.. Imagine what other wonders are still there now ?? I could happily spend a long time there... Like a whole week please! Evidently I made some purchases.. and absolute bargains they were ! I got two ponchos ($30 each!!) and some gorgeous tie dye lace up shorts ($10) !
Much love Maggie x
(ps all photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated)

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Well here in Moama, and most of Australia, we just finished our first week back at school.
well.. what a week it was, Summer holidays seem so long ago and so unrealistic they may as well be considered a fairytale. Although a struggle (hello 6 o'clock is the middle of night isn't it ?!) the week hasn't been all bad. It has also been a time to go back to some things I love. Art class after school, wasting lunchtimes talking with the pals. Main topic of conversation this week.. Groovin The Moo!!! yay! Much excitement and anticipation but on a series note .. What am I going to wear??
For our first lesson of art this year we were given old books to use as journals for the year. My lovely book is a Charles Dickens beauty ! Above are some excerpts of the first "new" pages.
Starting new subjects has also been fun.. for the first time this year I am going to be completing a subject via distance ed., textile design which I am so excited to start! And also continuing with art, the brainstorming for new projects has already started.
Charles Dickens journal
Art folio in the works..

 I have also done a tad of redecorating to my workspace and bedroom as some of my friends have also done. To hopefully keep me inspired to actually do work (I haven't been so good in the past). I heard that colourful areas keep you focused better so I did as they said and ran with lots of colour .. I just couldn't help myself !

I just wanted to say that FKA Twigs has become huge part of my back to school playlist and I have fallen in love with her; her music and her style ! And she really rocks the septum ring. She is my latest idol and I would love to see her live .. Amazing
If you just completed your first week back at school I hope it was good one.
Until next time, Maggie xxx
PS; just how good does FKA twigs look on the cover of yen ?!

My friend Kerrie's inspiration this year; THE WORLD

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